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There is so much more to preparing for college than many families realize. Picking the best-fit school, qualifying for the most financial aid possible, and affording the out-of-pocket costs are all connected and intertwined; And it all starts with a proactive plan. While some high schools provide the support needed for admissions preparations, the complicated college funding setup and ability to pay tuition is often side-lined until it is too late. Families who plan ahead and have the right strategies will find the best success in sending their students to their school of choice (without going broke). Our team of college planning professionals can help!

To learn more about how financial aid works, and how a proper college funding plan can make a difference, join us for one of our up-coming college funding workshops!

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

Thank you for your interest. There are currently no workshop dates scheduled.

Please contact us with questions or to learn more!