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Our Departments

College Planning Strategies, LLC consists of a team of specialists that work together to help guide families throughout the college process. Each department specializes in one aspect of college planning to ensure that we stay up to date with the constantly changing college preparation environment and provide our clients with world-class service.


CPS College Advisors

The professional College Advisors at College Planning Strategies, LLC are up to date and well-versed in all methods of planning and paying for college in the most advantageous manner. By working with each family individually, our advisors can assess each family’s unique financial needs. Then they are able to make recommendations and help families put together a comprehensive plan for funding a college education for each of their students.

Even after an initial plan has been developed and implemented, our advisors routinely meet with families to make sure their needs are being met and their planning stays relevant. With the ever-changing nature of our economy, it is imperative to maintain flexibility and utilize foresight in college planning. With College Planning Strategies, LLC, families can be confident that their advisor will be ahead of the curve and available throughout their students’ entire college career.

Financial Aid Department

By taking charge of one of the most difficult aspects of the college process, our Financial Aid Department provides complete peace of mind for our clients. Not only does our highly trained Financial Aid staff complete the arduous CSS/Financial Aid Profile and registration form in its entirety, we will also tackle your Federal forms, each individual college’s financial aid forms, as well as other required institutional and verification forms that a students’ prospective college(s) may require.

Our Financial Aid Department is also instrumental during the awards and appeals process. CPS will cross reference your students’ financial aid award with other award letters received and historical averages for a given college, and more importantly, recommend whether or not your family has a basis for appeal. If your family does in fact have cause for appeal, we will oversee the entire process so that your family has the best chance for success. To date, over 80% of appeals that CPS has recommended and directed have been successful, with award revisions resulting in between $2,000 to $10,000 extra per year for our students and their families!

Student Services Department

The Student Services Department adds an integral component to the CPS experience as we assist you in every aspect of the admissions process. From the moment a family comes on board, our Student Services staff begins working with your student(s) to help determine which colleges will be the best match for them academically, socially, and financially. It provides families with multiple college search platforms as well as personal support in an effort to make sure your student finds exactly what they are looking for.

In addition to the college search process, the Student Services staff also provides support with other admissions issues. We offer powerful, result-oriented PSAT, SAT, and ACT test prep courses, and our college interview and essay workshops are extremely helpful. With our continual support, your student should never feel lost or uninformed. Even while students are attending college our Student Services staff is there to help. We provide assistance when it comes to researching different career fields and major options, as well as different graduate school programs.

Client Services Department

Providing seamless communication between multiple departments is a difficult task. Doing so with the addition of hundreds of clients is exponentially more difficult, yet is something that our Client Services staff at CPS does with impeccable precision and a proven track record. Our Client Services staff begins by welcoming you as new clients and getting you started in your chosen program. Acting as an intermediary between our clients, other departments and your personal college advisor, the Client Services staff does everything from fielding all manner of phone calls and following up with our families on many aspects of the college planning process. Your Client Services team will be making sure your entire college planning team is consistently on schedule and up to date on any client issues that may arise.

In addition to keeping College Planning Strategies running smoothly and efficiently, the Client Services staff also works directly with your CPS college advisors in the implementation and coordination of your family’s college funding plan.  

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