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We Earned an A+ Rating from BBB!

See for yourself what our clients and the Better Business Bureau are saying about us! If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Testimonial; Corporate EMC

“You provide employees with a wealth of information and options that many employees haven’t heard about.  Your introductory workshop and your one-on-one consultations are most informative and educational, and employees love them!  You offer a great service.”

Robert D.
Human Resources


Testimonial – Busy Husband

“The financial aid people were excellent in keeping with the timelines for all the colleges. Whenever I called, my questions were always answered. When you have a husband that is very busy, it is nice to go to someone else to fill out the paperwork and to answer questions that always come up during each application.”


Pat B.


Testimonial – Focus And Use Resources

“CPS has helped our son get started early, focus on his college search, and utilize his resources—including his school guidance office. My advice to others? Start early and utilize CPS’s professional help!”


Kathy D.
Registered Nurse


Testimonial; Guidance Counselor

“As both a high school guidance counselor and a parent, I have found the process for funding education to be daunting. Looking for the best funding sources, ways to lower tuition, completing the multiple financial aid forms, and all the other associated paperwork details are all overwhelming. (…) The team at College Planning Strategies made the process as painless as possible while working to minimize our out-of-pocket expenses. I highly recommend College Planning Strategies.”

Ann M.
High School Guidance Counselor


Testimonial – SAT Prep

“My parents paid $1500 for a well-respected “name brand” test preparation course that met at my high school.  After all that money and the time spent in the classroom and at home practicing, my SAT score only increased by 50 points.  Within the first 30 minutes I spent on CPS’s online test-prep, I knew this program was superior to the in-person course available at my high school.  It’s personalized yet self-directed, and most importantly, it was fun.  The video answers and tutorials explain how to take on each problem in a way that makes sense and allows me to see where I went wrong.  The wordsmith challenge is my favorite.  I think CPS’s on-line SAT course could help anyone reach their goal score.”

Laura K.
Education Coordinator


Testimonial – An Investment Not a Cost

“We feel like we are in very expert hands. When information is expected, it comes; when we have questions, they are answered; when we need help, we get it. We would have been lost without the help of CPS. It has been so well worth the small amount we had to invest (not spend) to get much-needed help from CPS. My best advice? Put your trust in CPS. You will not be disappointed!”


Steven C.


Testimonial; EFC Reduction

“I hired CPS after my daughter was already a freshman at college. In her sophomore year our advisor was able to uncover several items that actually lowered our Estimated Family Contribution from $17,000 to $5,000! I am thrilled and can confidently recommend this service to friends and family.”

Ann O.
Insurance Agent


Testimonial; HS Workshop and Student Support

“We attended a workshop at a local high school and decided to take advantage of a private meeting with our advisor. From the time we engaged, CPS has been very responsive to our college planning needs. Their student support services have helped my son focus on which colleges would suit his needs, and their guidance regarding scholarships, grants and the whole funding and financial aid process has been a life saver for us. We can comfortably recommend this service to other parents of college bound students. So far we have received two offers from colleges with over $18,000 in scholarships and grants. Hats off to the staff at College Planning Strategies, LLC!”

Phil and Barbara E.
Manager and Nursing Assistant


Testimonial; Through Job Loss and Family Crisis

“CPS’s staff and financial officers have given confidence to our family and especially to our student in a hard time—family crisis and job lost. As an immigrant to America it is just wonderful to have people like CPS coaching us in this most important decision of our daughter’s life.”

Denise D.

Medical Field


Testimonial – $3900 More In Grants

“Thank you again for all of your assistance in the financial aid application and the appeals process. We are very pleased that they gave my daughter an additional $3900 this year in the form of a grant—FREE MONEY!! Without your help we wouldn’t have had the know-how, and probably not the courage to do it. Yesterday evening we went ahead and sent in our deposit. Next we will probably need your assistance in navigating our way through the loan process. I am beginning to see the finish line.”


Monique M.


Testimonial – Start Early And Ask Questions

“My advice for parents going through this process for the first time? Start as early as possible for you and your family, and don’t be shy or hesitant. The staff has encouraged me to be in as close a contact as I feel I need.”

Audrey S.
School Counselor


Testimonial; Book

“As a CPA and tax advisor, as well as a mother with two college-bound children, I truly enjoyed reading the book I received from CPS. I love the workbook format and the candor of the book. It is real-world advice and a must-read for all parents of college-bound students! I regularly recommend clients to CPS and to read Winning the College Funding Game.”

Tracy G.