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Helping Students Achieve Their College Dream

Don’t take our word for itsee for yourself what teachers, parents, students and the Better Business Bureau are saying about our college prep services! Just remember that each student is unique and has different academic and financial needs. Therefore, student services and actual savings will vary.

For more information on our school fund-raising program, free college cost reduction workshops for families, and other ways we can assist your guidance office, please view our programs or contact us.



Testimonial- Student,  Nubia

“The workshops CPS offers the summer before senior year really made me comfortable with the college process and prepared me for what was to come. All of their support helped me to make amazing applications by highlighting my strengths, which led to my acceptance into almost all of my schools.”

“Financially, I know CPS’s financial aid services were invaluable in alleviating the stress on my parents. Without CPS, I am sure the college process would have been exponentially more difficult, and I would not have been able to enjoy my senior year of high school as much as I did!  As advice to new families, I would encourage them to fully take advantage of all the support and resources CPS has to offer, because the results are amazing.”

Nubia S.
Student, HS Class ’09

Testimonial – Focus And Use Resources

“CPS has helped our son get started early, focus on his college search, and utilize his resources—including his school guidance office. My advice to others? Start early and utilize CPS’s professional help!”

Kathy D.
Registered Nurse

Testimonial – Guidance Counselor

“As both a high school guidance counselor and a parent, I have found the process for funding education to be daunting. Looking for the best funding sources, ways to lower tuition, completing the multiple financial aid forms, and all the other associated paperwork details are all overwhelming. (…) The team at College Planning Strategies made the process as painless as possible while working to minimize our out-of-pocket expenses. I highly recommend College Planning Strategies.”

Ann M.
High School Guidance Counselor

Testimonial – SAT Prep

“My parents paid $1500 for a well-respected “name brand” test preparation course that met at my high school.  After all that money and the time spent in the classroom and at home practicing, my SAT score only increased by 50 points.  Within the first 30 minutes I spent on CPS’s online test-prep, I knew this program was superior to the in-person course available at my high school.  It’s personalized yet self-directed, and most importantly, it was fun.  The video answers and tutorials explain how to take on each problem in a way that makes sense and allows me to see where I went wrong.  The wordsmith challenge is my favorite.  I think CPS’s on-line SAT course could help anyone reach their goal score.”

Laura K.
Education Coordinator

Testimonial – Skills Now and Future

CPS helped me to perfect my interviewing, essay-writing and resume-building skills. I used these skills in my college search and will use them again when I enter the workforce in a few years. Thanks for helping me out!”

Samantha A.
Student, HS Class ’09

Testimonial – HS Workshop and Student Support

“We attended a workshop at a local high school and decided to take advantage of a private meeting with our advisor. From the time we engaged, CPS has been very responsive to our college planning needs. Their student support services have helped my son focus on which colleges would suit his needs, and their guidance regarding scholarships, grants and the whole funding and financial aid process has been a life saver for us. We can comfortably recommend this service to other parents of college bound students. So far we have received two offers from colleges with over $18,000 in scholarships and grants. Hats off to the staff at College Planning Strategies, LLC!”

Phil and Barbara E.
Manager and Nursing Assistant

Testimonial – Student, Essay and Interview

“Student Services at CPS did a very thorough job getting to know me, and then used that information to help me find the colleges and universities—out of thousands—that truly were a good match. The classes they offered, such as Admissions Essay Writing and Interviewing Skills were a huge help. Having them available to help me edit my essays was invaluable, and I was a lot less nervous at an Ivy League College interview after hearing all the advice in the interview class.  It gave me the confidence I needed and was a very positive experience. My advice for anyone starting this process would be to take advantage of EVERYTHING CPS offers. It removed tons of stress—something you have enough of senior year already!”

Angela W.
HS Student, Class ’09

Testimonial – Relieved Financial Burden Of College

“Peace of Mind! That is what our family received after we became partners with CPS. A partnership is the best way to describe our experience to date. CPS has taken care of all the things we were so nervous and anxious about. We have benefited financially using the strategies they taught us about and feel very confident we will survive the financial burden of paying our son’s college education. The staff has been very professional and courteous. We know they will be there for us and help us to avoid the mistakes so many others in our position have made. Thank you for so many nights of peaceful sleep!”

Joseph R.

Testimonial – Help With Twins

“The college application and vetting process is daunting enough, but with twins I hardly had enough time to do the visits and the applications. Without the help of CPS, the process would have seemed impossible to complete! Best of all we did not have the worry of the forms being incomplete or incorrect, a situation that would have jeopardized our ability to receive double aid. Thank you to the staff of CPS!”

Donna G.

Testimonial – Thanks for helping our grandson

“We are clients of CPS and have been since early 2006. I want to thank all of you for everything you’ve done for Shaun and also for us. Shaun is VERY happy with his choice of college (Roger Williams University starting Fall ’09) and, for that, we are eternally grateful. We never would have survived without your help. Keep up the good work. Your service has been a lifesaver!”

Chris M.

Testimonial – College for Three

“I write to thank you guys for making an overwhelming situation (college for 3) manageable and affordable. Thanks to your coaching, I have a newly-discovered talent for negotiating the offers from the colleges. I do believe we are going to make it through the college years without breaking the bank or losing our minds! Thanks to all at CPS!”

Carolyn G.
Tech Support

Testimonial – Solidify Scholarship

“CPS was able to point out to us that the initial package we were offered from the school had a lot of wiggle room. With just one well-constructed letter we were able to solidify a bona fide four-year offer. This guarantees our family $45,000 more in scholarships than the original.”

Larry S.

Testimonial – Stress Relief for Teacher

“The prospect of trying to learn, let alone master, the bureaucracy of college funding was daunting. My life was already full of “have to’s” and I didn’t feel I could take on any more stress. (…) I did research other college planners and found them to be more expensive, offering fewer services. Murray and College Planning Strategies, LLC has indeed succeeded in demystifying the tangle of financial options and has offered solutions to financial problems in other areas of our life as well. (…) I found a safety net, someone at my back through the enormity of a process I had little understanding of, and even less interest in. (…) He and his team are reliable, attentive, accessable, and personable. I am confident our relationship will last far beyond these college years.”

Jane B.

Testimonial – CPS Gave Me the Edge

“Everyone at CPS is extremely friendly and helpful. Being the first kid my parents are sending to college, I’m very glad I had someone there to help me out. Being with CPS, I think I had the edge over non-CPS clients in the process of applying to college. Thank you!”

 Jennifer M.
Student, HS Class ’09

Testimonial – FA Forms and Deadlines

“I had absolutely no idea what I was doing in the whole process of filling out forms and applications. Since this was my first child going to college I was totally overwhelmed. CPS not only calmed me down, they made the process make sense to me. Whenever I had a question, they promptly answered it. The biggest help they were to me was in the Financial Aid department. I was extremely confused with that whole process, but they helped me through it. We met all our deadlines with their guidance. College Planning Strategies was a great move for my family.”

Linda D.

Testimonial – Saves Parent Nagging

“Without the help of CPS I would have been endlessly harassed by my parents. I was easily able to locate a college that fit my needs and desires. Without CPS I would have been completely sunk!”

George Eric O.
Student, HS Class ’09

Testimonial – Admission Essay Brainstorm

“I really enjoyed the essay workshop and found it to be very helpful. I had a lot of ideas but wasn’t really sure how to start. The brainstorming process was a huge help. I don’t know how I would have made it without CPS. My advice to other students—try to get as much work done beforehand. Deadlines will come up QUICKLY.”

Erin B.
Student, HS Class ’09

Testimonial – $3900 More In Grants

“Thank you again for all of your assistance in the financial aid application and the appeals process. We are very pleased that they gave my daughter an additional $3900 this year in the form of a grant—FREE MONEY!! Without your help we wouldn’t have had the know-how, and probably not the courage to do it. Yesterday evening we went ahead and sent in our deposit. Next we will probably need your assistance in navigating our way through the loan process. I am beginning to see the finish line.”

Monique M.

Testimonial – Start Early And Ask Questions

“My advice for parents going through this process for the first time? Start as early as possible for you and your family, and don’t be shy or hesitant. The staff has encouraged me to be in as close a contact as I feel I need.”

Audrey S.
School Counselor

Testimonial – Career Exploration

“Thanks for calling the other day about your expanded career/major exploration program…you have put some hope into my life. My son will be at your office on Wednesday evening. Thanks again!”

Maryanne B.
Respiratory Therapist

Testimonial – RE Financial Aid Officer

“When speaking with the financial aid office from one of the schools my daughter applied to, they offered that we did not have to hire a service to help us plan for college or help us complete the financial forms—that it was a simple process. I was a little surprised and told him I feel quite the opposite. I have the good fortune to be married to a great man who is also a human calculator. However, we made a calculation error on the FAFSA and Profile forms when putting our son through college which we believe cost us financial aid. We did not want to make that mistake again. Just navigating the whole process has been overwhelming for us! We are quite satisfied with the service we have received from all of the staff at College Planning Strategies, LLC. I feel confident that we will be able to successfully provide a quality college education to our two daughters with your help without making ourselves destitute.”

Sunil and Kathy D.

Testimonial – Teacher

“Our family was not eligible for need-based financial aid. However, with a lot of guidance and expertise from the team at College Planning Strategies, LLC, we were able to set up a college plan which has really de-stressed our lives! We feel that the plan we have now not only is saving us a fortune in taxes but it gives us the peace of mind we were after. Knowing how we are paying for college for both of our daughters is a true gift.”

Donna and Brian B.
Teacher & Sales Consultant