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What Companies Have to Say

Helping Employees Prepare Family for College

Our firm has the experience and proven track record that you can rely on. Don’t take our word for it—see for yourself what employers, employees and the Better Business Bureau are saying about our college preparation and funding services! We have worked with major national corporations and local companies to provide employees with the benefit of college planning advice.


For more information on our affordable college prep workshops, or to request a list of corporations we have worked with in the past, please view our programs or contact us.

Testimonial; Blue Cross HR

“The employees who attended the workshop found that the information was very valuable. We had a range of employees attend, including those that are thinking about going back to college themselves. Thank you for offering this to our employees!”

Shannon B.
Human Resources


Testimonial; Corporate EMC

“You provide employees with a wealth of information and options that many employees haven’t heard about.  Your introductory workshop and your one-on-one consultations are most informative and educational, and employees love them!  You offer a great service.”

Robert D.
Human Resources


Testimonial – Help Beyond Guidance Office

“CPS has given our family peace of mind while preparing our son for college. It has also prepared us financially not only for Michael’s college education but also for the future. We would not be where we are today without the help of CPS. My advice for families would be not to go through it alone. As much as we think we know, there is so much more to learn.”

“The other important issue that I found was our high school guidance office was too busy to give us the kind of college planning help we felt we needed. So having the expertise of CPS was priceless. Thank you!”


Lisa & Joe R.

Registered Nurse & Teacher


Testimonial – Busy Husband

“The financial aid people were excellent in keeping with the timelines for all the colleges. Whenever I called, my questions were always answered. When you have a husband that is very busy, it is nice to go to someone else to fill out the paperwork and to answer questions that always come up during each application.”


Pat B.


Testimonial – Single Parent Hoped This Service Existed

“As a single parent of two teenagers, I was hoping a service like this existed. I often work over 60 hours per week, and organizing paperwork is NOT my forte, to say the least. CPS was actually the third college seminar I explored and I knew 10 minutes into it my search was over. For me it is their all-encompassing approach, including parents, students, family workshop series, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable staff that always returns your calls, and in general, all manner of “hand-holding” through what can be an overwhelming and exhausting experience for most people. CPS patiently explores every fathomable option, and uses their wealth of resources and expertise to guide you through every decision. This has been one of the smartest decisions I’ve made.”

Laura M.


Testimonial; Blue Cross Employee

“This has been one of the best work/life benefit programs I have attended!”

Bruce H.
Blue Cross Blue Shield Employee


Testimonial – An Investment Not a Cost

“We feel like we are in very expert hands. When information is expected, it comes; when we have questions, they are answered; when we need help, we get it. We would have been lost without the help of CPS. It has been so well worth the small amount we had to invest (not spend) to get much-needed help from CPS. My best advice? Put your trust in CPS. You will not be disappointed!”


Steven C.


Testimonial; EFC Reduction

“I hired CPS after my daughter was already a freshman at college. In her sophomore year our advisor was able to uncover several items that actually lowered our Estimated Family Contribution from $17,000 to $5,000! I am thrilled and can confidently recommend this service to friends and family.”

Ann O.
Insurance Agent


Testimonial; Help With Twins

“The college application and vetting process is daunting enough, but with twins I hardly had enough time to do the visits and the applications. Without the help of CPS, the process would have seemed impossible to complete! Best of all we did not have the worry of the forms being incomplete or incorrect, a situation that would have jeopardized our ability to receive double aid. Thank you to the staff of CPS!”


Donna G.



Testimonial; College for Three

“I write to thank you guys for making an overwhelming situation (college for 3) manageable and affordable. Thanks to your coaching, I have a newly-discovered talent for negotiating the offers from the colleges. I do believe we are going to make it through the college years without breaking the bank or losing our minds! Thanks to all at CPS!”

Carolyn G.
Tech Support


Testimonial; Solidify Scholarship

“CPS was able to point out to us that the initial package we were offered from the school had a lot of wiggle room. With just one well-constructed letter we were able to solidify a bona fide four-year offer. This guarantees our family $45,000 more in scholarships than the original.”

Larry S.


Testimonial; Stress Relief for Teacher

“The prospect of trying to learn, let alone master, the bureaucracy of college funding was daunting. My life was already full of “have to’s” and I didn’t feel I could take on any more stress. (…) I did research other college planners and found them to be more expensive, offering fewer services. Murray and College Planning Strategies, LLC has indeed succeeded in demystifying the tangle of financial options and has offered solutions to financial problems in other areas of our life as well. (…) I found a safety net, someone at my back through the enormity of a process I had little understanding of, and even less interest in. (…) He and his team are reliable, attentive, accessable, and personable. I am confident our relationship will last far beyond these college years.”

Jane B.


Testimonial; Financial Forms Help

“Having CPS help with all the financial paperwork was an invaluable asset. For busy professional adults who avoid filling in forms, you have helped us stay on track so we wouldn’t miss out on awards our daughter deserved!”


Susan K.


Testimonial – FA Forms and Deadlines

“I had absolutely no idea what I was doing in the whole process of filling out forms and applications. Since this was my first child going to college I was totally overwhelmed. CPS not only calmed me down, they made the process make sense to me. Whenever I had a question, they promptly answered it. The biggest help they were to me was in the Financial Aid department. I was extremely confused with that whole process, but they helped me through it. We met all our deadlines with their guidance. College Planning Strategies was a great move for my family.”


Linda D.



Testimonial – $3900 More In Grants

“Thank you again for all of your assistance in the financial aid application and the appeals process. We are very pleased that they gave my daughter an additional $3900 this year in the form of a grant—FREE MONEY!! Without your help we wouldn’t have had the know-how, and probably not the courage to do it. Yesterday evening we went ahead and sent in our deposit. Next we will probably need your assistance in navigating our way through the loan process. I am beginning to see the finish line.”


Monique M.


Testimonial – Maybe No Loans!

“As it stands right now we may make it through this whole process without having any loans (other than the Stafford loans) even though we have two in college! Great job everyone! This has been a rewarding experience for my whole family.”


David H.
Purchasing Manager


Testimonial; CPS has all the answers

“Our experiences with College Planning Strategies, LLC have been very positive. Trying to keep up with all that needs to be done can be overwhelming! From the first thoughts of applying, to how we’re going to pay, to what we needed to do and when to do it, Murray and his staff have the answers.”

Bill and Diana C.
Computers & Insurance


Testimonial; Strategies from Software Engineer

“We have three kids—two already in college. The strategies you helped us implement are outstanding! We wish we found you guys 5 years ago!”

Brian and Noreen C.
Software Engineer


Testimonial; Stress & Hand-Holding

“The past year has been trying. Thank goodness for Murray and his extremely patient and competent staff. I know we never would have been able to complete the financial aid forms as precisely without the help of College Planning Strategies, LLC. Additionally, as the letters came in from colleges, CPS was there to hold our hand and help decipher our options. I am especially grateful to our account manager. Without her faith and kindness we never would have made it through our daughter’s senior year.”

Tom and Margaret L.
Painting Contractor & Massage Therapist