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Are You On Track?

Are You On the Smart Track™?

As both a high school guidance counselor and a parent, I have found the process for funding education to be daunting. Looking for the best funding sources, ways to lower tuition, completing the FAFSA forms, and all the other associated paperwork details are all overwhelming.” …. more >

In the United States the average four-year college education costs between $90,513 and $181,025. However, did you know that statistically a higher percentage of students require over 5 years to complete their undergraduate studies? Are you and your student(s) ready for the challenge?


Top 5 College Planning Questions

  1. Have you learned the proven techniques of how to pay for college without jeopardizing your own retirement?
  2. Are you confident your student is on target with selecting and being admitted to the best fit college for him or her?
  3. Did you research which colleges are most likely to award your student a higher percentage of Gift Aid (scholarships or grants)? If so, do you know how to ensure the award is renewable throughout their college tenure?
  4. Have you discovered how to provide yourself with a “tax scholarship” from Uncle Sam, above and beyond the Hope Scholarship and Lifetime Learning Credit? When it is best to use funds earmarked for college and when it is not? How relatives including grandparents can help with college expenses without negatively impacting your students’ award?
  5. Does your current college plan cover ALL of the years that you will have at least one student enrolled and ensure you won’t have an unmanageable cash flow crunch?

How College Planning Saves Money

Taking college funding “one year at a time” will likely be an expensive mistake. Planning for college in this fashion will usually cost a family thousands more than if you had developed a plan for all students and all years before your first student has even chosen their college or enrolled. Even worse than wasted money, many families who plan this way find themselves in a cash flow crisis midway through their student’s college career. According to a recent report approximately 50% of the students that drop out of college do so for financial reasons.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many families that started saving when or even before their first child was born may believe they have a fail-proof plan for affording a college education and do not investigate their options further. What many of these families do not realize is that they could save themselves thousands of dollars, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars per student if they understood the various proven college planning strategies that may apply to them.

“Thank you again for all of your assistance in the financial aid application and the appeals process. We are very pleased that they gave my daughter an additional $3,900 this year in the form of a grant—FREE MONEY!! Without your help we wouldn’t have had the know how, and probably not the courage to do it. Yesterday evening ….” more >

Student Positioning for College Is Key

Some students are self-motivated and know exactly what their goals are and the best way to achieve them. Most students need some guidance and encouragement in choosing a college, applying for admission, and choosing a major. Sometimes parents, teachers, and the guidance office can provide all of the support they need to be successful. However, students frequently find it helpful to have outside support to keep them on track—especially if time is limited or communication is strained between certain parties.

CPS helped me find the colleges and universities—out of thousands—that truly were a good match. The classes they offered were a huge help. Having them available to help me edit my essay was invaluable, and I was a lot less nervous at an Ivy League college interview after hearing all the advice in the interview class.  It gave me the confidence I needed and …. more >

Helping Families Stay On the Smart Track™ for College

Since the turn of the century College Planning Strategies, LLC has specialized in giving individualized help to families like yours so they can effectively transition from high school to college and beyond. CPS also educates families on how to defeat the high cost of college through workshops, radio talk shows, corporate benefits programs and a national on-line series of workshops. Our president, Murray J. Miller, is a published author with over 20 years of experience as a financial advisor and educator. He was ranked Number One College Advisor in the Nation in 2006 and 2008.

Our highly trained team of advisors and support staff has earned an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. We can help guide you step-by-step through the obstacles that may hinder your student’s college dreams: potential job loss, college funding issues, choosing the right school, admissions challenges, financial aid and scholarships, changes in educational loans, and a variety of other serious issues that today’s families must face.

Let CPS help you support your student’s educational goals without delaying or giving up your goals for your own retirement!

Next Steps

College Planning Strategies, LLC believes that all parents with college-bound children, no matter their income level, should have a basic understanding of how to defeat the high cost of college and ensure their students are ready. In keeping with this belief, we offer a number of FREE educational workshops. We highly encourage you to take advantage of these services. We believe so strongly in the importance of a strong educational base that we even have our clients attend this workshop before working with us on their individualized college plan. There is no obligation and no strings are attached. We trust that if you do decide to get help with college planning, you will give us the opportunity to earn your business.

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