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Professional College Planning Consultation

Have you ever wondered how much the colleges really think you can afford? Or which schools typically award more aid than others? How about whether or not your student can compete with the rest of the applicants for a given college or university?

You will find out answers to these questions and more at your no-obligation initial consultation.

Request My Personal College Planning Consultation Now!

The college planning process is full of difficult questions and potentially expensive pitfalls. To better serve your family, our staff is proud to offer a no-obligation initial college-planning consultation with one of our college planning advisors. In your private initial consultation, you will:

  • Learn what your family will be expected to pay out-of-pocket for college (Expected Family Contribution)
  • Learn what your colleges’ average award packages could look like (Percentage of Need Met and Percentage of Gift Aid vs. Self Help)
  • Learn where your student falls in relation to the incoming student pool (Student Positioning)

Valued at over $150, this consultation may greatly increase your chances of success in planning for those college years. Learning how much your family is expected to pay for college versus how much aid you are eligible for is a key part of making sure you can afford a quality education. In addition, knowing your student’s chances for acceptance to a college or university can help streamline the admissions process. Whether your student is a senior in high school or just starting their elementary school years, planning for college can never start too early. By spending time with one of our professional college planning advisors, your family is taking the first step on the path to success.

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