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Student Athlete Testimonials


“Coach Lamb’s advice works.”
Wendy C, Parent – Natick High School Girls Track


“I wish my daughter was here to hear this.”
Jim V, Oliver Ames High School


“Coach Lamb is very passionate about helping student athletes and their families with the recruiting process”
Steve D, Acton Boxborough High School


“Coach Lamb’s experience with recruiting goes back to my day in high school. He has seen the entire process and his advice is very valuable.”
Doug Flutie , Natick High / Boston College / Heisman Trophy Winner / PRO


I have been involved with high school and college athletics for over 35 years as a player, coach and Athletic Director. This workshop is quite simply the BEST one that I have been to in all those years. Tom Lamb has walked the walk as a coach and AD at both the college and high school level and he does a fantastic job in “talking the talk”. His personal insight about recruiting from being a parent who had his son highly recruited out of high school and from his many years as a successful coach have enabled him to present the information to parents and student-athletes at a level that is very understandable and entertaining. I would recommend to anyone that is going through the college application process to attend this workshop.”
Steve S, Athletic Director – King Philip High School