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Tools & Products

At College Planning Strategies, there are a host of tools and products that we use everyday as professionals. One of our most comprehensive is the Smart Track™ Toolkit, a revolutionary online college planning platform.

The Toolkit is designed with over 100 years of combined experience by experts in the college planning field. This online system is packed with information about:

  • Admissions
  • Test prep
  • Financial aid
  •  Student athletics

Our toolkit is an invaluable resource for those families looking to make it through the college process.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Smart Track™ Toolkit is our proprietary College Funding component. This is a robust resource that will support and guide you through the college funding process from A-to-Z.

  • Learn your EFC and analyze your financial aid awards
  • Complete and Submit the FAFSA and CSS/Profile from one location
  •  Enter all your information for two of the most popular financial aid applications in one convenient location.
  • Use our intuitive software to walk through your financial aid applications and get help in submitting them accurately and on time.

To learn more about the Toolkit and how it can help your family plan and pay for college, visit www.SmartTrackToolkit.com. There you can learn more about each individual component of the Toolkit, as well as sign up for a Free Trial to see what the Toolkit is all about.

In addition to the Toolkit, we have also listed some of the other resources we feel will be a big help to your family below. Simply click on any of them to learn more and purchase them from our e-store.